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School Spirit

Show off your school spirit

We’ve got many designs per school so you can sport exactly the look you want.

These are available as individual items or multiples. Designs are shown on a suggested shirt color, but we can print on (mostly) any other color of item. Requesting a different shirt color may require a change to the design. Prints will look their best on 100% cotton. Once you’ve found the design you want, contact us with the design number and size of shirt (sorry, no online sales yet). Turnaround time is under a week. Availability is subject to change.

Click the mascots below to take you directly to that school’s design catalog

CV logo.png
WF logo.png
AC logo.png
LE logo.png
TV logo.png
NH logo.png

Designs are subject to change and the designs are current as of 2024.
If you prefer a different color garment for the design, the colors may have to change in the design as a result. As always if you have any questions please give us a call, we are very happy to help you as much as possible.


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